Types of services New Zealand SEO companies should offer

Businesses and companies in New Zealand working with specialised New Zealand SEO companies provide the smartest way to enhance their brands and services online. The wide range of SEO services provided by various New Zealand SEO agencies makes them the perfect solution for businesses that want to top the list in search engines.

Knowing and understanding the types of services that should be offered by New Zealand SEO companies is the best way to choose the right one to handle your business needs.

Some SEO companies offer bundled services to clients to make it affordable and cohesive. In general, the various types of services SEO companies should offer clients include:


Specialists in polishing websites

Implementing the right SEO campaign for their various clients starts with upgrading their websites. However, it must be remembered that a website will not start ranking overnight. It may take a few months for a new web page or website to take off.

A reputable SEO company will not promise instantaneous results. Rather, the company will provide monthly progress reports or by request. Generally, the services provided by an SEO agency include:

  • Analysis of competitors
  • Analysing the website’s technical infrastructure
  • Review the website’s existing content
  • Website’s conversion analysis
  • Do keyword research
  • Analyse the website’s link profile


Keyword research

One of the major services provided by reputable SEO companies is keyword research. Creating your site’s keywords’ shortlist use many methods, to include:

  • social media accounts analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Customer surveys
  • Competitor analysis
  • Key stakeholders and suppliers surveys
  • The use of keyword research tools


Off-page optimisation

Another top specialised service provided by reputable SEO companies is off-page optimisation or technically known as Link Building. Rankings of business are improved by Link Building.

Link Building is seen as the validation or vote of approval of search engines for a website. The improved ranking brought on by Link Building enhances both revenue and trustworthiness of a business.


Web design

Web design is an optional service available with various SEO companies. However, having the website specifically designed for SEO purposes means more traffic generation resulting in high conversion rates.

Your chosen SEO company will work closely with you for them to design a website based on your vision. This will not only give you a website you like but also one that is SEO-friendly as well.


Audit and strategy

SEO audit and strategy are services that are usually packaged together by various SEO agencies. Doing an audit of your website enables the SEO agency to identify the issues and opportunities of the site’s overall SEO profile. Included in the SEO profile are on-page and off-page and technical infrastructures.  SEO companies do audits to enable them to prevent potential issues and successfully launch planned marketing activities online.

An SEO strategy can now be implemented after the audit. This includes mapping out each stage of the program. You have the option to choose varied packages or go for the customised plan. However, factors to include current traffic levels, the high competitiveness of the market, and the scope of the project often dictate the choice of a strategic plan.


Your resources and budget will always find a package deal with SEO companies. Their common goal of helping businesses achieve online success enables them to meet your allotted budget and time.




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