What is SEO

Some Basic Facts on SEO and Social Media Marketing

Search engine optimisation or SEO refers to the white hat techniques to increase the quality of traffic towards your website. The following are a few basic facts about what is SEO.

  • The most important thing for any online business is quality traffic. So what exactly is quality traffic? Simple, visitors who turn into customers or potential customers could be called quality traffic. Those users who are genuinely interested in buying your product can be called quality traffic. The success of a website is only counted in terms of leads which turn into buyers.
  • The right kind of people coming to check out your website is pretty important. The more leads you have the more successful your online business would be. In fact it’s not just about online businesses anymore. Most offline businesses also benefit from using the right SEO techniques. Most people usually look up a business on the internet before going ahead and purchasing a particular product.
  • Organic traffic refers to traffic which is directed towards your website free of cost. Though you may have to pay the SEO service but not Google. Though Google ads are important and make up for at least 20% of traffic directed to your website. Why? That’s because Google makes sure that paid content is often put up in the top search results. Ensure you employ a transparent Brisbane based SEO Company that will deliver results for your business.

So how does SEO work?

Imagine you are looking for a particular service or business. You type something into the search engine box. In a few seconds you are presented with a long list of results. So you probably won’t check out the whole list but rather clock on the first few results only. So how do those websites tend to be the top position while the rest are usually below them? This technique of getting your website to rank in the tope results is known as search engine optimizations. It consists of using the right kind of content along with the proper keywords, which makes it people genuinely interested in your product to find you easily.

A SEO analyst makes use of the following strategies to make sure you get the best quality traffic directed towards your website. These include

  • Useful content. A website needs to have great content in the form of an interesting blog which gives off useful information. If a customer reads something which interests them, they are going to keep coming back for more. It I important that the content should be SEO friendly as well as being interesting to read.
  • On site topics are important as well. This involves quite a bit of technicality which is best left to the experts.
  • Building the right kind of links help people approach your website much easily.
  • SEO compromises of both on page and off page strategies. The right balance of both of these help increase the traffic and gets you the desired results in a matter of months.

If you want to know the best SEO services and how they could help your business prosper, make sure you contact a specialised team.

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